should i buy a yz426 or 2 stroke

I am just coming off of 2 stroke quads and i am going to buy a dirt bike. First off all i have ever ridden is a yz125, so i am wondering if i couold get used to the way the yz426 rides and jumps. Now i am no stranger to power i ride a 70 horse power banshee, so getting used to the 426's power is no problem. I just have heard that they are so fast and fun to ride i want really bad. And one more thing. All of you guys say that if you tiwst the throttle open before you start them hey will not start forever, so what do you do when that happens.

thank you

This is what I tell everybody that asks this question.

Borrow a ride from anybody and everybody you can. Then select a decent used bike to start out on. Buying a new one when you don’t know what you want is too risky. If you hate it or can’t ride it and decide to sell it you just incurred a thousand dollar test ride. If you hate the used bike you get you may not lose anything, unless you paid too much for it. Cycle Trader is a good place to price compare, you can search by model/make.

Finally I’m sure you are perfectly capable of riding a dirt bike, but 70 horses on your quad and 45 or whatever on a YZF are not at all the same thing.

A YZF is many things, but a beginners bike it is not. It is a heavy, fast, stiffly suspended, aggressive race bike that is hard to start and more difficult to maintain than your Banshee. There is a learning curve for riders coming from other bikes, since you are new to bikes why try to master two learning curves at once?

Having said that it is my opinion that in the dunes or dez a YZF is actually easier to ride than a 250 MXer (it’s just heavier and a bitch to start). If you are going to ride in tighter, more technical stuff then you should probably get something else.

My two cents.

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