Aftermarket Throttle's

I'm looking to get rid of the junk double pull throttle cables on both my YZ and WR. Either that or I want to find a lighter return spring so that the throttle pull is easier to maintain for longer periods of time out in the woods...3 hour races are a pain in the right hand if you know what I mean.

Whatcha think???

Bonzai :)

I know one for the reasons for the 2 cables is to help overcome the pull the vaccum of the engine puts on the throttle plate. That is why the slide is on rollers. I had a Husaberg before my YZF and it had one cable and a none roller slide and the throttle pull was twice that of my YZF. So Im sure you can covert it but I dont know if it will help. I just put a Terry cable T2 setup on mine and that made a difference and it was cheaper then the stock one's. :)

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