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opening craftsman tool cart

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sears can order you a key set, if you want to wait.

depending on what type of model it is, you can pry the lid open. i've done this on a couple of locked in flip top craftsman boxes. the models i'm talking about have locking mechanisms in the back of the box that is operated by the lid opening and closing. after you pry (gently) you can see which way to tweek the lid (left or right) to get the latch out of the striker

if its a bottom box, you can pry a drawer open. usually you end up bending the loop in the back of the drawer and the hook on the slide lock mechanism in the back of the cabinet. you can remove the drawer and fix them (they're usually just slightly bent). after you get a drawer out you can remove the lock linkage from the key cylinder so you can unlock the rest of the drawers.

hope that helps

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Does the lock have a number on it? most of my Craftsman boxes have a four digit code stamped on the lock, that's the number you use to order new keys.

One hanger I worked in, there were three of us with the same locks, came in handy when we forgot our keys at home.

If your not able to pry it open, maybe some one here in your area has the same key number?

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