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Revalve help!

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I live in Haiti and I have one dirt bike race shop(not to say I'm the only here) and I currently service forks and shocks but I will like offer revalve to my customer but I have a few options on this but they all have pros and cons:

Option 1 shipping to US:the problem is that shipping from here is too expensive and the other mayor problem is that not only it is expensive but you all so have a very high risk of loosing your package.

Option 2 Racetech: I can order the gold valve kit but I dont like gold valves and allso I will like a less expensive option.

Option 3 Dominican Republic:I can cross the boarder to Dominican Republic but again there is only one guy revalving suspension and he uses racetech

So can I buy the shim stack from one suspension tuner in the USA, That way I can install the shim stack and be ready!

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