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Crepitus in neck after injury

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Dr. Mark--

First I have to say that your input in this forum is very generous! Your help with my PCL avulsion fracture really gave me piece of mind!

Well, 6 weeks ago I crashed on a steep downhill rut and dismounted only to land on my head--when I landed I heard crunching noise and had a headache/sore neck for a few days. My neck was compressed and rolled forward. The GP doc said that range of motion is fine and the crepitus should resolve in 4-6 weeks once internal swelling resolves. I have no other symptoms aside from the grinding noise, which presents when I rotate neck on its axis relative to shoulders.

My question is: If the grinding noise is not improving is an x-ray warranted, even if the grinding is otherwise asymptomatic? I have had many x-rays related to a prior clavicle fracture and I don't want to add one more unless it's necessary.

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