TT is 20,000 members stong AND ITS SCREWING ME!

I remember back when TT first started and there was mabye 100 members. Things looked a lot different back then.

I can also remember telling everyone how great of a rider I was. I think once I might of even mentioned being a National AA rider. :)

Well, now that we are 20,000+ I keep running into people on here that I actually know and Im finding it harder and harder to lie! These people are gonna bust me. So heres the truth:

Im a C rider that couldnt hack it in B class so I quit riding Enduros. I have no endurance and even less class.

So there it is. No more lying. :D :D

OK, I've gotta come clean too. I don't really ride a XR650R. It just looks like a big bike in my avatar. Actually, I am a midget, 3' tall and that bike is a PW50. I make that bike look big. :):D

Well, I will come clean too. I have never actually ridden a motorcycle, but I have read alot about it. I am scared of engines and loud noises.

Well I guess I will come clean to. I am actually a secret test rider/engineer for Yamaha and am helping them develop the most top secret dirtbikes on the planet. Hey who hates changing tires and likes flying(HINT HINT). :)

I did not realize we had 20,000 members! Wow!

Why do we have so few in the Yamaha WR & YZ catagories???

No worries Darin.......everyone is guilty of a little stretch now then. Just don't turn into one those pompous types that feels the need to share all their accomplishments in the signature line.

Boring. :)

All you Liars, Line up AR15firing.gifthud.gif

Now dont you feel better ! :)

No worries Darin.......everyone is guilty of a little stretch now then. Just don't turn into one those pompous types that feels the need to share all their accomplishments in the signature line.

Boring. :)

Yea, I know exactly what your referring to. The type that has a list so long you are using your scroll mouse for about 30 seconds on each one of their posts :D

Man, Darin, this confessional has the potential for becoming the record-setter!! :D I think you are just sandbagging to convince me to come riding some weekend so you can blow my doors off :D!

Here's mine: I always said I suck as a rider. Well , the truth is I am actually getting better, but stick suck depending on who I compare myself to. But I have a 9-year-old and a 7 year-old who think I'm great (for an old guy who doesn't race as much as them :D). They take care of my light-work on the track when someone gets too critical of their old man :D:).

I personally like riding woods and trails... wish we had more around here.

Nice to know there might be other riders I could enjoy riding with without feeling like I'm slowing them down!! :D

HaremScarem how DID you do that?!!! I LOVE that M-16 dude!!!! I waaaant one! "Buy" me one Bryan!!! Please??? :D:D:D

Well, I will come clean too. I have never actually ridden a motorcycle, but I have read alot about it. I am scared of engines and loud noises.

Wow, this reminds me of an old Fantasy Island episode with Ken Berry as a guy who didn't actually know how to do things, but he was incredibly accomplished at all things just from reading. At the end of the show he was confronted with a sword and chose to fight. When his lady companion asked if he knew how to sword fight he said "No, but I have read about it!" :) Very similar to your story. You aren't really Ken Berry now are you?


My confession:

I get so scared coming into a corner too fast that two drops off pee come out.

I get a turtle head when I get too close to the edge of a side hill. (Glad I read the newest article on appropriate side hilling in the latest issue of Dirt Rider.)

I poop alot.

If I were a rapper I would be "Sir Poop A Lot."

I pack toilet paper.

99213 is a horror flick to me.

Justin Timberlake could kick my a&*.

Michael Jackson is my mentor.

RC is a brunette.

He is slow.

Prastrana never meets "Murphys law."

I hate my bike.

FMF pipes produces 2.5% less torque.

My tummy feels funny.

Trail clearing is fun.

High sides rule.

Open class is for wimps.

and the top reason I post...

Flux capacitors!!!!

Hey, I really want to ride with Michael J. Fox.


Im actually a really nice guy


and will do just about anything for anyone in need :D

My problem is the same as milkman

excpet my whole ego personna is blowed to heck when ya meet and ride with me :D :D :D

Truth or Dare...

I can throw a set of Protapers like a boomerang... and make them come back...

I don't have a pet crocodile...

I have never been intimate with a kangaroo...

I am not Steve "Crock (of SH*T) Hunter" Irwin...

I am actually too old to be classed as a 'dude'...

I actually bought my WR426 as a computer monitor stand, and have never ridden it...

OK, maybe I do have a pet koala...

Alright, alright, I am a habitual liar, what is my dare...?

David (which is not even my real name...)

Ok. Here is my confession. I have been riding for nearly 40 years. I am now and have always been just a trail rider. I am a member of a competition club so must do a few races a year. I do have a tremendous good time racing. I enjoy watching and working at races. But, all I've ever wanted was to be a competent trail rider. I trick my bikes up so as to make them better trail bikes not to necessarily go faster. I would rather do a 150 mile loop at a comfortable pace than a 60 mile loop at break neck pace.

Weird huh? :)

But, I do truly appreciate and love to watch the super fast guys do their stuff. :D:D



After reading all of your posts, I am feeling really insecure. I looked up to all of you..and it has been a total lie!! :D. I am so depressed, I think I will find my old David Cassidy blow up doll and snuggle up on the couch,eat bon bons, and watch soap operas all day today. I am gonna sell the 450, buy a vespa, and hang out at Starbucks from now least the crowd there aren't habitual liars! :)

Do I really know how to ride a dirtbike? No, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn last night.......


:D :D :):D :D

You've been saving that one for just the right moment havent you Brandon? :D

I'm gonna come clean too.I ride a honda but,i just go into every forum saying i have that bike just so i can look cool and everyone thinks i have one of the cool new bikes out there.ok that was a lie too ,actualy i have a suzuki. no wait i'm suppose to come clean *drats* this is harder than i thought. actualy i have no dirt bikes other than the barbie scooter. does a scooter count? where i come from we plug ourselves into a mahine and than we get these agents that chase us. we run around dodging bullets . once we get into trouble we pick up a phone and than we are brougt back to the real world .... or is it ? muahahahahahahahahah !!!

It took me a year and a half to get off my high horse and finally show you guys some respect, and now I find out your nothing but a bunch of posers and wannabes.

If y'all came to the rodeo with me, I'd enter you guys in the goat roping and calf riding class where you wouldn't have to be so ashamed of yourselves or your abilities. LOL

In the TT world I'm a poser too. I actually use a bicycle pump to inflate Walmart kiddie pools 'cause I'm afraid I might drown in any water over 12" deep.

You guys always make me laugh.

Have fun, Kelly

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