TT is 20,000 members stong AND ITS SCREWING ME!

I crash alot. Whether I ride fast or slow, it doesn't matter. So I ride as fast as I can and give my friends a good show. Over the years, I haven't learned how to ride better, I've learned how to fall better. It's more fun the better I get. If you ride alot, you get callouses on your butt. If not, you get :) (monkey butt).

Well I think I have spent enough time here on TT and should probably come clean myself. You see, I don't really ride or race dirt bikes. I actually hate the noisy, smog inducing machines. They are a menace to our forests and wildlife, and do nothing but destroy any open space that you can get your greasy little knobbies on. :D

See, I am actually a Tree Hugger from the D.E.P.. I have spent enough time going through these forums to come up with enough evidence to shut this forum down and confiscate every TT member's ORV (which will be impounded at my house). Those ORV's that are not blue or contain the word Yamaha, will be melted down :D for use in making more "PRIVATE PROPERTY" and "DIVISION OF FISH AND GAME" signs!!! Anything Blue or those ORV's named "Yamaha", will be held for my personal testing :D to determine the degree of destruction these blue machines can inflict on our open spaces. :D


I am scared of engines and loud noises.


While we're at it though, I'm a National AA rider! Well, not entirely AA, or National really, but sorta close. I got my bike in May and it's beginning to be less scary. I don't need that breakfast beer for courage anymore, so that's close, right?

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