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New to this sub-forum: Just got a 2002 XR400

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I had been on the lookout for a suitable trail bike for my 19-year old son so that he can chase after me when I'm on my yz450 (which is just a bit too wild for him). To help him out (he's in college, but works too), I agreed to go in 50% on it. He also wanted something that he could eventually dual-sport just for some very short commuting (he's only one mile from school on a 30-35mph road).

After a trip to the Dallas area today, I brought him home a mostly stock '02 XR4. The seller had it for 4 years and it seemed nicely cared-for and garage-kept. The deal also included many of bits from the Baja Designs DS kit. It'll still need the handlebar switch, brake switch, horn and mirror.

I'm pretty used to wrenching on my '06 YZ, but the XR4 is uncharted territory for me. It does strike me as a pretty straightforward bike to maintain and work on. I've checked out (and bookmarked) the stickies at the top of the sub-forum. Is there anything else I should be on the lookout for? Any special tools that I should for-sure plan on getting?


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congrats on the 4 honey there tough bikes . the only thing i will say is pay close attention to the swing arm bushings they tend to need frequent attention. {grease fittings recomended} sounds like a great bike for your son. tim

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Congratz on the bike, your son will love it. I only recently got mine and I am a similar age (22). I highly recommend the Gordon Mods as it really opens up the bike, if nothing else remove the snorkel and rejet it. I am running a 158/58 at around 300ft with the snorkel removed and some exhaust work and it runs WAY better than stock.

Good luck!

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Agreed +1 🙂


These are great bikes.

* Keep a clean air filter in it.

* Keep the oil changed at decent intervals.

* Keep the swingarm bolt and suspension components clean and lubed.

* Check the valves, (mine rarely need adjusting).

* Above all, thoroughly read and perform the Gordon Mods on this bike. Purchase some Uni air filters with the non-restrictive cage.

It wouldn't hurt to have a shop manual either. They are very easy and actually fun to work on, however the shop manual makes it a lot less painful.

With the above maintenance, there is no telling how long it will last.


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Did it come with the tool kit and the special plug wrench ?

Here is the service manual for that bike :


Unfortunately, no special plug wrench (I asked).

Thanks for the service manual link.

Swingarm bolt recently lubed. The seller brought it up that he made sure too keep up with that (he had read about it here).

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