Were to buy fuel around Chicago

I live in the Chicago Suburbs and cant seem to find any pump fuel that does not contain alcohol. Where are you guy bying fuel?

Am I forced to buy race gass?Please help.

Thanks Kevin

I could be wrong but I think that all fuel sold in gas stations contains ethanol. I have been running premium pump gas with no problems.

I am an auto mech. in Wi., the milwaukee and chicago areas have government mandated oxygenated fuel, which is not good for your bike for many reasons, your bike will run leaner thus hotter, can be worse on two strokes because of the oil mix. cars work alright but not perfect, do what ever you can to get fuel out of the area, 92 octane, no alcohol, not oxygenated.


This is what i know to be true also, but the question remaines. Where are you guys buying your fuel? Do I just wait to get out of town to buy fuel? Of this is the case, what happens when I go to the arenacsoss in Milwaukee next month. Is race fuel my only option?Do I even need to worry about this?

Thanks Kevin

Thats a tough problem, but I think I would by race fuel, If you race away from chicago or milw. you could by pump gas there. Good luck.

Find some race gas in the 98 octane range. I run Torco racing fuels in mine and buy it by the 55 Gal drum. I know I can get by on Pump gas, but one thing for sure.. The fuel is always the same and therefore, the jetting is always consistant.

You need to get to the outlying areas to get non-oxygenated fuels. I used to buy my gas at small town on my way to Buffalo Range and it was fine. As long as you are in the "Populated" areas east of Aurora you get the crap gas!



trapped in IL.

I've escaped! I'm heading back to Cali and beautiful Jawbone and Glamis......



I wouldn't worry about the alcohol in the gas. Your bike will run fine with "premium 92 or 93" that is avalible around here. If you want to do a test, you can buy "racing" gas at the clark station on the corner of rt 47 and 64 in Lily Lake. Don't sweat it, it will be just fine.

I can't wait until all the snow melts.... I am getting real anxious to get back on the big blue turd!!! Let when know when you are ready to ride!!!


Kasper, go to www.eagle-racing.com, and read fuel for thought under tech info. mike

Mike.. that is www.eagle-racing.com the comma at the end wouldn't let it load

Sorry, i'm not very good on the keyboard yet. thanks

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