Electric Start

Is there a electric start kit available for the 650R? Just a thought as a may be rewinding for more power.

1 year ago there was a guy selling an aftermarket for the PIG but it was going for $1000.00 bucks.

Which is to much!

If your bike is in good condition, I.E. jetting correct,ect. The XR650R starts quite easy. Note; take some time to get your cold,hot, routines down. If you crash then I hope there is a downhill or you have a strong leg. Good question tho I'll look around to see if there is one. The XRL is old school and I'm sure components won't work on the R model. Good luck. :)

Joe Racer has been working on this for some time. Plan to spend $1400+ for it whenever he finishes.


"12/2002: The XR650R Electric Start Kit is in progress. Development is going well. The kit should be available soon..."

If there is one thing the BRP needs the least it is 15 more lbs. :D

If you get too tired I'll start it for you :)


I think Yamaha makes the kit your looking for. It's called the WR450. It makes starting much easier. Also increases your acceleration, top speed, and every other measure of performance. The only negative is price. It's gonna set you back about $6399. :):D :D

You really should have known. :D

:) How can you ride that buzzy little thing Adam? :D

-------- See what it does to you

I'd rather have a sister in a brothel. :D:)

They're good vibrations. :)

WR stands for "Whore Racer". :)

Get an Edelbrock carb. Starts within 2 kicks 95% of the time. Just yesterday I got her to fire on the first kick after sitting for a month. It also keeps running after you lay it over and doesn't flood out like the stocker.

Joe Racer has been working on this for some time. Plan to spend $1400+ for it whenever he finishes.

I had them put a dual sport kit on my bike and a few other things....bottom line these guys are full on scumbags. They quoted me 599 installed and charged me 799. I showed them my rv trailer hitch set up and they said no problem after waiting 2 months they deliverd a rack that would not work on my rig, and would not return it ...another 350 down the tube.....I could almost live with all that but last month when i go to get a brake and light inspection i find that the horn switch that is integrated into the handle light/signal unit is defective. So i call twice for support not to rag them out or anything just to troubleshoot and get the horn working. No response after having spent 1700$ at their "shop". They suck and I would not even consider their stuff. fwiw :)

2Wheels, a member of our club is having similar issues and I linked him to your complaint so I figured I would do the same for you. This is a link to his actual post http://www.racemrann.com/_disc2/00001682.htm but if you want to be able to read the whole thread go to http://www.racemrann.com/disc2_frm.htm and look for the link to Race Talk then scroll down to 650 E-start on Sep 12.



PS Don't hesitate to tell us any good news either if Joe makes it good somehow.

Holy Cow! That's a nasty thread and I feel terrible for the poor custoemr who took his bike in to have e-Start installed. It's almost unbelievable!

The thread says the kit costs $1,100 by itself. Then it says the customer decides to have it installed by Joe Racer who makes the kit and quotes him a total price of $1,600 for the kit with installation , but when he picks up his bike from Joe Racer, he's instead charged $2,400 because it took Joe Racer longer to install than was planned. OMG! And then to top it off, his GPR stabilizer post was hacked off to mount the battery. And to really top things off, his bike no longer runs after Joe Racer worked on it! :)

I hope this is just a bad joke, because the story is so depressing that its almost unreal. I'd be flaming mad if someone charged me that much more in labor costs, especially if they hacked up my bike and gave it back to me no longer running. Is this for real :D

yea its real weird after reading my post the guy does not try to defend himself or make it right but he litterally pms me and threatens me "you better watch it you never know who your gonna meet out on the trails" at first i felt like i had gone overboard with criticism but i was pissed at being taken so badly. Also it is a somewhat small community and i didnt want to make waves. the guy actually threatend me. go figure :)

Some people just don't get our wonderful country we live in. We are to voice our opinions and warn other about our bad experiences and they get mad. They are also free to charge us whatever they want to do substandard work...but if we pay it?? Oh well, I guess all we can do is do a lot of research and get everything in writing and if we get screwd, the court system is our only recourse. Buyer beware!!

Baja designs is working on an electric starter for the XR650R. They do not give any details yet except its on their list of future products. :)

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