04 Wr450F e-start problems

I recently bought from a friend a 2004 yamaha wr450f (it was unused for many months), the problem is that the e-star is dead...when I press the button it sounds like "Trrrrrrt" (like when the battery is discharged) and does nothing, I check the battery and it was full of charge, also I open and clean the starting motor and replace the plug of the engine.

maybe the brushes are in bad condittions, what do you think??

another symptom: when I buy it sometimes it sounded "trrrrrt" and others started, but now it is completely dead.:banana:

any help or idea??:) I´m crazy for riding it :lol:


Sorry if my english is bad, I'm not american:lol:

i forgget to said that also I check the fuses, they where OK:banghead:


My 04 did the same thing.....

Eventually it just completely died.

It was the brushes, etc...

I bought mine used with a similar problem. Turns out that the commutator was wrecked and had to replace the motor.

A friend of mine had trouble with his and took it to a local starter place and they fixed it for a fraction of a new one. They could at least test it and let you know.

Creo que su mejor opción es a hacer como el amigo de sech1 hizo.

tal vez usted no tendrá que gastar mucho dinero

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