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72 XL 250 K0 paint / tailight

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I am restoring a Honda XL250 and I need to keep cost down so I am doing the paint myself. I do have a couple of questions.

1. Can a automotive clearcoat be sprayed over Rustoleum metalic and Rusoleum clear enamel/ I bought some quality decals and want to clearcoat over them and not sure how Rustoleum clear enamel wil hold up to gasoline spills.

2. The black accent panel on the gas tank should it be flat or satin finish?

I am looking for a taillight assembly and head light , anybody know of any for sale?

Thanks, John

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I am going to answer one my own questions.

A automotive paint supplier said that the Rustoleum clear would likley be attacked by the clear coat that they supply.

I still have a question about the approx 3" wide black accent stripe on the top center of gas tank on the 72 XL. I know it should be a matte finish but can a black vinyl decal / graphic be used rather than paint and will the vinyl hold up to a small bit of gas spill?

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I will check with my local parts store for the Dupli-color, their clear must be different/ better than Rustoleum clear because even a few drops of gasoline will cause the Rustoleum clear finish to dissolve.

Any thoughts on the black stripe material, painted vs decal.

Were the original black tank stripes painted of decal?

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