Rear Axle and Front Sprocket Size. Help.

This is a stupid question but o well. I have called 3 yamaha stores and not a single one of them can tell me the size of the socket needed to remove the rear wheel and also to change the front sprocket. It cant be that difficult. I don't have sockets that big and I only want to buy those sizes. The bike is a 2007 YZ450F. Thanks for your help. :):banana:

It's a 27mm. (A 1 1/16" works) You'd think they could have asked one of the techs.

yeap, 27 mm. a crescent wrench works just fine if you don't want to spend the 15 bucks on a 27mm socket.

I want to watch you use a Crescent wrench on a front sprocket. popcorn.gif

I would not use a crescent wrench on something that requires 90 ft lbs of torque

Yeah, but that's just you. :banana:

More seriously, it depends on the wrench and the fastener. I have a 15" Blue Point CW that will do 90 ft/lb on a good wide nut, no problem. Overall, though, you make a good point. :)

I just want to see how someone gets a Crescent wrench of any real size ON the front sprocket, never mind actually removing it.

Is it a 27mm for both the front sprocket and the rear axle? Both of these are the same size? Thanks for the input.


What?! This whole time I was using a 28mm? Man, I was lost.

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