lowering a wr450

hey guys,

what is the best way to lower this bike a few inches ?

if replacing linkage compromises shock performance, i don't want to do that.

i know the flat track guys are lowering theirs.

if i have to get the shock & fork reworked, anyone have a good place that can do this or me ?



Best way (other than seat foam or sub fram mods) is to shorten the forks and shocks internally. Yes, you loose some travel but being able to dab a foot prevents many falls. I have a pal that rides a stock height bike and it is too tall for him, he falls every ride at least once because of it. I never fall like him because I can reach the ground.


It makes the body grow!

thx guys for the info.

i did check a suspension shop and they said they can set me up, along with some of the other mods you guys mentioned and i'll be good, thx.


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