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What to do? Yet another freakin handlebar question

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Getting ready for a 3-day, 400 mile ride on my '04 S and I have got to do something about my bars. It's got stock bars and they are just way too low for me(6'3").

I recently bought the Zeta handguards from Forrest and got them with the brackets that fit the stock 7/8" bars before I realized I really wanted to change bars.

I figure I've got a couple options:

- Roxx risers w/ stock bars

- 7/8" high bend bars with no risers

- 7/8" bars with risers

- 1 1/8" bars with adapter/risers and replace the mounts for the zeta's

I'm trying to avoid spending money redundantly and kind of regret buying the 7/8" mounts for the zeta's, but I don't want to throw good money after bad. If I need to just eat the $36 and get the bigger clamps for the Zeta's, so be it.

Should I upgrade to 1 1/8"s now? or are 7/8" bars good enough? I ride mostly dirt roads/double track and a little pavement. Not really interested in tight technical woods riding or MX style track stuff.

I'm also a very new rider, so I don't have a good feel for exactly what I want. I just know that I can barely see where I'm going when I ride standing up cause I have to bend over so far.

Edit: Probably a total newb question, but is there anything I will have to replace if I swap bars because it will get destroyed during removal(throttle tube??).


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Get the Rox risers they are awsome. They adapt for the fat bar or you can use them on the 7/8. Here are mine 3 1/2 rise with KX high Pro taper fat bars. Next bars will be higher yet. I am 6 foot 4 and like to stand when I ride.

If you are looking for a cheap route my previous bars were MSR atv high and they worked well. Like 60 bucks and were about as high as my bars now. They have a bit much sweep and need to be narrowed but I would recommend them as a cheap alternative. My Pro tapers and rox risers ran me 200 bucks I am not sure they are 140 dollers better. But I sure do like them.



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