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Steel Flag Poles?

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So yesterday my buddy and I drive out to Florence OR, to do some riding at the Dunes after work.

We stopped at Florence Yamaha, because he needed a flag. We found that they had these steel flags. There were kinda spendy at $30, but guaranteed to never break.

He decides to bite the bullet and have this be the last flag he ever buys. I am looking at this thing and thinking if it has the potential to cause any bodily harm. I mean just by looking at this thing it seems if you got whipped with it you would be in for a hurting.

I tell him to ask the gal behind the counter about them and find out if they are safe, or anything a person should know about them. He got side tracked about buying an annual parking permit and forgot to inquire about the flag. He bought it any how.

We mounted it using just a standard "L" bracket that bolts on to the axle nut. Everything appears to be sound.

We unload and hit the sand. Not 25 seconds later we rip up this dune and he just stops towards the top of it. I thought maybe the bike had died, as it was still kinda cold.

I circle back to him to find that his paddle tire had grabbed the flag and wound it around the hub. It's bad. It wound up, pulled two nipples from the rim, broke the caliper mount in half, bent a couple of bolts in the caliper, bent the tabs on the brake pads, and put a huge gash in the caliper mount guide that is welded to the swing arm.

With hind-sight being 20/20 we should have secured the flag with some zip ties up near the seat so that it could not flop over so far... however it had never occurred to me that something like this could happen.

So thats a pretty big bummer. We got to ride for under a minute, and now he is looking at hundreds of dollars in repairs. 🙂

Any of you have any experiences similar?

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That sucks. a $30 item that serves no useful purpose beyond being required by some idiot bureaucrat with a bad comb-over causes hundreds of dollars in damage....🙂

I grew up in a small South Georgia town, where I could ride right out of my yard into the woods. I was riding through some woods near my house one day on my trusty old PE250. There weren't any actual trails, I was just picking my way through the least overgrown areas. Got to a slightly more open area and increased my speed, made it up to third gear, when suddenly the engine just stopped dead and the bike came to a screeching halt. When I got off to see what had happened, I discovered that the rear wheel had found some old rusty barbed wire that had been discarded. It got caught in the chain and wrapped around the wheel and hub, bent the rear sprocket, ripped the rear brake rod off, yanked several spokes right out of the wheel, and tore the valve stem off. I had to leave the bike there and walk about five miles back to the house to get the truck to bring the bike home.

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required by law in some riding areas to increase your visibilty, especially in sand parks where there is no defined trail and anyone can be traveling anywhere in any direction.


op thats suks, the fiber one would have just snapped and disintegrated, i guess you guys know what not to use form now on

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