Tire selection

I don't race my bike. Just used for a little weekend trail riding. It is an 06 WR450. I need a new rear tire. I am wondering if a 120/100r18 is a better choice or if I should stick with the factory size. Thanks in advance for the advice.

whats your primary terrain? do you ride rock gardens or sand or what?

Good questions, also is your riding style more up/down or do you crave a bike that falls in to turns/berms easily?

Around the house it is loose rocky soil and pretty hard packed every else I ride. I do crave a bike that falls into turns and berms easily.

I have a '02 wr426 and I use a Maxxis Intermediate tire. They are great for all around. I ride anywhere from boulders and rocks to soft loose dirt. This is a great tire.

I ordered a 120/100x18 kenda k771 millville medium terrain tire. It was a good price. I bet I will be a fine tire.

for a little weekend trail riding and no racing, you simply cannot beat a trials tire. I will last all year long (literally) and has excellent traction.

Get the Pirelli MT43 (first choice) or the Dunlop 803 (second choice). They only come in one size for the rear.

If you've got your heart set on a knobbie, then the Bridgestone M404 in a 120 size will be great if you can find it. It lasts pretty long.

On my 08 if I am not running a trials tire I go with maxxis max cross IT in the 110 variety. I find the 120 too large.

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