*** Utah riders - Stansbury trail Saturday ***

A few of us are planning to ride the Stansbury trail on Saturday at 10:00am. Some of the best singletrack in Northern Utah. Everyone's invited.

Here are the directions:

Make your way to Grantsville from I-80. Just barely out of Grantsville on Hwy 138 (northwest of town) there is a road called Max Canyon Road heading west. We'll meet at 10:00am right at the Max Canyon Road and Hwy 138 intersection. Here's a map to get you to Grantsville


Post a message here so we know you're coming. I'll have my cell phone with me 801-836-5246.

- Eric

Hey eric... see my post on the other thread.

Chris - Too bad you can't make it.

Anybody else intersted in riding Standsbury tomorrow????

Maybe next weekend we can try again. I've been thinking about riding the Bunkerhill MX track in Delta. I rode it 3 months ago and had a blast. We should give it a try early morning or late afternoon so it's not too hot.

- Eric

ARGG!! don't go to bunker hill without me!! I want to try that track so bad!!!! I may just have to go down there by myself. nuts....... :)


The two Thumpertalk members who showed up for this ride had a great time. The rest of you missed some of the sweetest single track around... 50 miles of dirt, rocks, switchbacks, and 12 inch trails. I've got such a cheezy grin from it all, I'm going back either on the 21st or the 28th to ride it again. Anybody want to ride?

I'll go with you on the 21st, but I've got another ride scheduled for the 28th that will be 120 miles in one day. :):D :D

Hey Chris - 120 miles WOW! That's a long ride. Where are you going (not that I'd even think about tagging along -- too far for me).

O.K. then, Stansbury on the 21st! I'm going to repost this and see if we can't get more people along for the ride.


I have it on my calendar, but there is a catch. :) I leave for Boise in the morning then up to Montana Wednesday and hopefully back on Friday. I'll call you if anything changes.

Bill - I'd be great if you can make it. If you haven't ridden Stansbury yet, you'll be impressed. Well worth the effort to get there.

- Eric

I leave for Boise in the morning then up to Montana Wednesday and hopefully back on Friday...


BRING YOUR BIKE!! We're riding Idaho City Tuesday evening...

Chris, Bill, & David -

How does 8:30am sound on Saturday? I was hoping to get started early to avoid the heat.

Meet where at 8:30? How about at the flying J at the toole exit? :)


:cry:Now you tell me :D

It would have been good to go ride, because I am upset with a particular truck driver that drop a rock through my windshield south of Glenns Ferry today :)

Dave i get up to Boise alot and it would be great to get together on a ride sometime. I'll let you know when my next visit is.

Not looking good at this time. I tried to get my windshield replaced in Boise and there was not enough time. I am going to try to get it done in Missoula, but if not I'll have to get it done Saturday in SLC.

I'll keep you informed :):D

8:30 at Max Canyon Road on the west side of Grantsvill at 8:30 sounds good to me.

Where the heck is that?

David - glad you can come...

Chris - Once you get to Grantsville, just follow the main road HWY 138. The road will bend to the right and on the left side will be a dirt road with the Macks Canyon street sign. Easy to find. If you get lost, I'll have my cell phone 801-836-5246.

- Eric

Is that the first or second grantsville exit?

Exit at Tooele, Take a right at the Grantsville sign, Go through Grantsville, the road bends to the north, Max Canyon roadheads West just out of town.

Okay peeps. It's time you start riding on Sundays! HeeHee :)

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