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New SSR110

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I just got my new pitbike here today! It's a SSR110R. 🙂🤣

It’s not a dx3, just a regular 110 (hense the R). It has a manual clutch and has a standard pattern (N-1-2-3-4). I went with the regular model mainly because it was a) cheaper, 😛 What I am using it for, and c) because not very many people on here have one and want to know more about it.

I purchased my bike from T-Bolt, because they had a great price on the bike, and great customer service. Staggs, Outlaw, and XOffroad Powersports all were quick and responsive, I had a few problems with Killer, they were slow to respond to my emails and questions so I just quit trying and moved on. They didn’t sell this bike either, but originally I was looking at the DX3, and contacted them. I am sure they would have been fine; I just don’t have the patience to wait around. Killer will price match, and below for the DX3 it just takes awhile via email. A few months back my buddy was looking for a pitbike, and had them price match the DX3 and he got it priced for $588, he ended up getting a KLX110 from a guy on the side of the road for $400 and didn’t get theDX3 (It blew up on him, can’t say I didn’t tell him so).

I ended up paying $535.00 even. I shipped it to a commercial warehouse and had to pay a fee of $4.00 for pick up. Not a big deal and way better than taking a day off of work and sitting around waiting for a delivery truck.

Problems with Tbolt…None! They worked out great! When I called them to ask a few questions on pit bike shipping, the guy was so enthused that I actually read the pit bike shipping information he thanked me. I called them and didn’t get an answer so I hung up and tried again about 5 minutes later. Someone answered all my questions, I hung up and about 2 minutes after that I got a call from Tbolt from someone trying to answer my call from before! Vince the manager is great at responding to emails promptly. The only issue I had, if you want to call it that, is that I was not aware that you had to confirm your purchase by email. It’s no big deal, just say “Proceed with my order” or whatever it is they tell you to say. I didn’t know this, and my bike would of shipped out the same day had I checked my email after I purchased it. They did send me blue plastic instead of white, and for some reason it said my name, it should of said my roommates name on the package (he was picking it up for me, and it was HIS name on the order), not mine. The guys at the frieght company gave him a hard time for trying to get it. :banana: And UPS wasnt too great, they told me it was supposed to be here 7/7, so yesterday I called and they told me it wont be here until Monday because I live in too rural of an area, but it showed up yesterday AFTER the freight service was closed, the guys said that it was sitting there this morning when they opened.🤣:bonk:🤣:lol:

But anyway I had a few problems with the bike set up

1) I cant get the front brakes hooked up. I cant get the disc inside the pads, I am sure I am just overlooking something stupid, but I cant figure it out. Also there was a plastic splint, was it supposed to be there, or just for traveling?

2) How much oil do you usually put in? I put in a quart and the dipstick was reading it as full, but the engine doesnt say anything on it nor did the manual. (I was using yamaha lube, you guys werent kidding when you said that stuff is soup, mine was multi-colored 😛)

3) My front shocks are super soft, and the rear hard. I read on another forum that it is common, but I dont know how to adjust the rear, and is the front like a big bike that you can just pop off the caps and top it off, or do I have to take the forks apart?

Other than that it turned out great. For a backyard, run of the mill, tight budget purchase, the SSR110R is defiantly to be considered. While the DX3 is a great bike no doubt, the 110R gives it a run for its money, and for the price you can’t beat it.

You get what you pay for, if you buy a bike that’s 2k+ your gonna get a nicer bike than this one, but for the most part, the 110R is a great bike for those who want a pitbike but are not ready to sell their big bikes for one. I went cheaper, but I am happy with it. At first I didn’t want to, I’d seen so many great reviews of the DX3 (check 125pinger for a great review) but being on a tight budget, and some unforeseen expenses, the 110R was the way I went, and I am honestly happy I got to keep a few extra bucks in my pocket and still got a great bike.




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Well yesterday I did some tinkering and I figured out why the brakes arent working. The pistons in them are shot. (at least I think they are called pistons), they are sticking out in the capiler, and when fluid goes through the line they are not compressing the springs. This is a major problem because now I am without front brakes for now. Im not sure what could of caused this? manufactured default?

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Yep, got things going with Tbolt, I still stand by my claim as excellent dealers. When my buddy gets another pitter it will be for them I am sure.

Quick question though, the air filter is a piece. It fell off even with it clamped, and when I tried to put it back on, it came apart. What kind of filters do you use? I am paranoid about the pod type filters, I dont trust them. Is there any that are mud/water safe? Or should I just avoid puddles?

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Cheap too. I've been oiling with PJ1, I hate to spend so much on no-toil, had one once, wasnt that much better, I dunno, for just the average trail rider there is no need to go hog wild with air filters.

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