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Hey Everyone,

Thank you for reading this forum.

The purpose of this forum is to get your opinions. Im asking for honest, and courteous responses. If you cannot say something professionally please do not answer. Im not just looking for yeah go for its. If you disagree, please DO answer!

My motive here is simple: Help those who have been treated wrongly by Yamaha concerning the mechanical issues of the 2000 model year YZ426FM.

I am not here to bash or discredit Yamaha. I am not here to state any false information concerning Yamaha, or its business policies. I am not here to bad mouth, or degrade its employees or its engineering staff. I am not here to bring the motocross industry to its knees.

I am:

Trying to get Yamaha to acknowledge, that despite their best intentions, there are mechanical deficiencies surrounding the bike and they need to be addressed. I'm trying to get Yamaha to address all its patrons who own the 426 whether they have problems or not and bring about voluntary repairs, if needed, to those parts that so many have experienced difficulties with. I'm trying to get Yamaha to realize that we are her patrons. Our money keeps her in business, and that when issues like these come up, they need to collectively address them, especially if their customers lives are in the balance.

I'm trying to show that we are united behind one another, and make our sport strong, not weak with selfish division.

I am willing to post all letters between Yamaha and myself on this forum, to help benefit those who have issues needing to be addressed. I am willing to let all see the responses Yamaha gives towards resolving my clutch issue.

I imagine I'm gonna get rejected. That's okay. I've seen a few of you stand against those who speak for what's right, then change your tune when the problem hits you. Please join me in a non-opinionated, evidence posting, and each can respectfully make up your own mind.

Please respond accordingly, and kindly.


God Bless!


YZ426 Kicks

I think that would a great service to us concerning past, present, and future issues regarding this machine. How Yamaha is dealing with you is of interest to me.

Hi Kicks

Just a note: I have an early 426, and without going into great detail, I thought I had a basket problem. Before I tore apart the machine, I called the dealer. The salesperson contacted Yamaha who said they would replace my basket for free if it was cracked or broken. It wasn't. After talking to a Yamaha mechanic (who dissed Yamaha support!) I thought I should persue a new basket anyway. The same salesman went to bat for me to get a new basket and Yamaha sent a new one, free of charge. I did play a bit of hardball though, threatening a suit if a known defective part failed and caused damage to me or my wonderful machine. Yamaha's only fault in my opinion was not recalling the bikes with the suspect baskets and other trouble spots in the first place.

Glen T

I'm in ! The #1 Problem I have had with my 426 is a grabby clutch. I went from consistant holeshots on my 99 400F to maybe a mid pack start if I didn't stall it on the line trying to take off. The only way I found to get off the line after about the 3rd stall was to keep the RPM's up and dump the clutch. And that BITES when you are trying to win a drag race.

I have a 2000 YZ426 and I have yet to have any problems with it. I have less than 50 hours on it and I'm grateful that I haven't had any problems like many others have. I think Yamaha should claim responsibility for defects in their products, especially when many people have the same problem and its obvious that IT IS a defect.

This site is great, you've done an awesome job with it!


I'm 15, live in MI and ride a '00 426F

YZ 426's suck!(all the air they can get)

Sounds like a good forum kicks, can you give me some advice. My clutch has been grabing since new, more so when cold. I have about 100 hrs on my 00 426 and will be pulling the clutch apart this weekend, what do I look for on the clutch basket. If I have the square corners on the basket fingers should I replace it even if they are not cracked.


Originally posted by mike dean:

Sounds like a good forum kicks, can you give me some advice. My clutch has been grabing since new, more so when cold. I have about 100 hrs on my 00 426 and will be pulling the clutch apart this weekend, what do I look for on the clutch basket. If I have the square corners on the basket fingers should I replace it even if they are not cracked.

Hey Mike!

The only thing I can tell you to look for is cracked fingers, and rounded edges. I've heard something about a shaft key being rounded off too, but not sure if its in the clutch housing or not. I haven't opened mine up yet. I didn't want to jeopardize any position I may have with Yamaha towards repair.

The forum has tons of clutch discussions. Please refer to them. I am a fresh fish when it comes to this sport, and I am not in a position of authority to answer your concerns. Believe me when I say, I will help you in what ever fashion I can! I will never turn anyone away! You may also look on www.dirtrider.net, as they have similar issues.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the support!


YZ426 Kicks!

I have an '00 426 that had the gas tank crack. My local dealer acted like they never heard of this (found out they had done about 5 others) but Yamaha replaced it except the decals. I also have the grabby clutch and find that 10w30 oil and after alot of warm up and slipping it will go away. The colder it is the worse it gets. Luckily I have not had any of the other more devastating problems but Yamaha's reluctance to openly address these problems has me planning on a KTM or HONDA thumper next year unless I see some cooperation from Yamaha on the problems I read about here.

My clutch grabbiness subsided once I installed the Hinson basket. After giving some thought as to what the basket has to do with grabbiness, what I came up with is that the basket's tangs get little grooves at the edge where the plate fingers rub as they engage and disengage. As the clutch is disengaged, the plates are forced to ride up on the edge of the grooves, and then as you try to gradually let the lever out, the grooves tend to pull the plates together and the grabbiness is the result. It seems as though my Hinson is just beginning to show signs of grabbiness. Once it reaches a certain point, I'll pull it apart and see if it has started forming those little grooves. I wonder if aluminum is the optimum material for a clutch basket? Maybe a hardened steel basket would be more durable and provide a little more flywheel effect? What about titanium? It's light weight and much stronger than aluminum.

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Randy, Just what kind of problem are you having with your bike exactly? You say that you haven't even taken it apart to look at it! Now, I agree (based on the many posts) that your idea of bringing all this up here may be beneficial to those at issue with Yamaha; however, I think also caveat your comments so that everyone here keeps an open mind of what is going on. I'm certainly not championing Yamaha but, I'll stand behind this bike. I think it is a great product. I was very discouraged before I picked my bike up after reading of the problems posted in this forum. What I lost sight of was that this is a racing bike! It, like ALL other dirt bikes, requires regular maintenance to keep it running well. Anyone else in this forum who's owned a bike before the YZ426 knows this. I agree that the clutch is a weak point on this bike. Most people that have problems with it though (aside from the notchiness) I believe are/were trying to ride this thing like a two stroke. We've all learned that is not the correct way to ride this bike. I've also read many posts here where the owner has come up with all sorts of ways to clean up the grabiness. Most serious racers and all the pro teams change out there clutch baskets on every bike they ride. Why?? Because all manufacturers (with few exceptions) send one out the door that will not take alot of abuse! Every complaint I've read here about the lack of grease on all the pivot points amaze me. No bike (all brands included) leave the factory with adequate lubrication. I've heard/read countless mechanics/articles stress this point! Anyway, I've rambled on long enough.

By all means, if you have a legitimate complaint or issue with Yamaha, then pursue it in whatever manner you see fit. Share your ideas and get suggestions from other members. Just keep things in perspective.

Remember that Yamaha has agreed to fix any 2000 model clutch basket that breaks. I've even seen case here where they replaced one that wasn't broke, just suspect. Remember also, this was a reletively new model bike. I don't know of any that never had any problems. Those of you looking to the new Honda may want to keep that in mind. I'm very interested to hear just exactly what your personal issue is with Yamaha. I don't believe the sky is falling! Sorry for the lengthy response. I mean nothing personal towards anyone. Just my 2 scents!

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I sat back and read on this site, every thread pertaining to the cough, hesitation, stumble, or whatever one wishes to name it - no bike was worse than mine. This is a very dangerous condition for all the reasons we riders know (i.e. faceplants on doubles). After reading all of the complaints, there is no doubt in mind that by far I have (had) the bike with THE WORST HESITATION. I was nearly hurt badly a couple of times. I called and wrote to the dealer AND Yamaha several times. They wanted me to keep dragging my bike around a 100 mile radius to give each dealership a try at fixing my bike. I was I whose letter that DirtBike's "Mr. Know Nothing" published, saying there was no hesitation problem, and telling me I did not know how to ride and I was a butcher - what an ass.

Just food for thought - I read every mag article on the 400/426 before buying my bike - NEVER was there any word of a notable hesitation with these bikes. If I had reda even a hit of such, I cann tell you i would not have plunked down my $$$. This goes to proove that mags (no exceptions) are not to be relied upon and are very biased with reviews.

Thanks to a good number of guys on this site, I sorted out my carb problem with (many $$$$) - and with no help from Yamaha.

I have 2 letters certified that went to Yamaha - I will post/e-mail them to anyone who wants them. I also have a voice mail saved from a Yamaha customer service rep who was basically blowing smoke - his name is Joe - that figures - ("Smokin Joe").

As I have written previously, I WAS a Yamaha ONLY, on and off road devotee since 1974, but NO MORE. I am buying an XR as my next trail bike to ride with my young sons. I will not tolerate that kind of treatment.

No slander intended - but if sufficient information is compiled in a professional manner, a class action could be considered by a reputable attorney.



I completely understand about the hesitation problem and it became a real threat to my safety several times. I had a failed 4th gear tooth that sheared off and Yamaha laughed at me. Customer service was more like Customer "Dis-service". I waited for over two months to get my bike fixed with no help from YMC and I'm sure you can image how you'd feel without your 426 for that long. I have off'ed my 426 in search of another brand. I'm concentrating on the Honda coming out late this year. Till then, it's back to 2 strokes and clutch abuse.

In my opinion, the hesitation problem is one of the most dangerous problems with the 00 426's. There's no worse feeling than coming out of the air after a 100 footer and having nothing there after you crack the throttle.

I'd be interested to see how many of you out there have actually been injured because of this problem. I know I tried every jetting change, throttle sensor position change, but no cure. It's like selling a new Ferarri with an inherant hesitation when you stab the accelerator and you find yourself in the middle of the highway, dead in your tracks with oncoming traffic about to maul your ass over. Shear terror and a company playing Russian roulette with the very people that keep their doors open and the lights burning up kilowatts.


there's always golf...

Daveyg - THANKS.

finally, FINALLY, FINALLY!!!! - someone hit the same chord as myself!

I am just recovering from what turned out to be a chronic rotator cuff injury - wasn't enough to stop me from riding through the end of the season last year, but it has been hell lifting weights through the Winter. I got this injury when the bike hesitated over a double - of course I came up short - and because there was no forward momentum, the engine locked up with a chatter as I landed of the front face of the second hill. I don't know how I managed, but I was strong enough to keep myself from being thrown over the bars. When (I) and the bike slam-landed, I did hit my chest on the x-bar - the sudden tremendous force forward, and my instinct to resist a faceplant was what caused the injury to my shoulder.

Late in the Fall, I re-tuned my carb with a P38 and a larger pilot, but have not had a real opportunity to run it at the track - I plan to post my findings sometime in Feb, as I start riding again. I'm in Cincy, so the weather's tolerable, but I have just not had time to get out - just yet - besides car washes are not much fun in the late p.m. when it's back down to 30 deg ....

Good luck with your bike - keep us posted.


I crash mine when the shift assy. broke and bent my radiator .I complained enough from the 3 shift assy. problems I had and yamaha replaced the radiator free of charge but i had to wait like six months to get it..As far as the bogging it is the worst feeling in the world when you hit the throttle ming out of a corner with a big double to have it fall on its face...

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