Spark plug cavity dirty/wet

i checked my valve clearances today (all perfectly in spec after almost 100 hours :)) and when i pulled my plug there was a lot of dirt and a little water down there. i tried cleaning it out with a qtip with the plug out. dumb idea. got the water but some dirt probably got down in the cylinder. im assuming this was there only because i used a pressure washer? i put a minute amount of high temp marine grease around the spark plug cap seal just in case...

Edited by forklord

It's most likely getting in there through the spark plug weep hole when you wash your bike. This hole is located on the clutch side of your cylinder/head. Cover that hole when you was your bike. I use a golf tee, but tape will work too...

To clean the spark plug hole out - leave your plug in place, remove the spark plug cap, and shoot some air into the weep hole with your air compressor. This will prevent all of the junk from falling into the cylinder when the spark plug is removed.

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