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98 kdx with 05 kxf fork conversion from the uk

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Hi there,thought you guys might be interested in my conversion

I have used 05 kxf 250 forks and triple clamps but kept the kdx front wheel complete with speedo drive.

The forks were stripped when purchased and new seals and 5 weight oil fitted the fork bushings and everything else was in very good condition.I have left everything standard at the moment until i get some miles on them offroad,i have an 120 mile trip planned this weekend so that should give me an idea if i need to change anything

The kdx stem pushed into the kxf lower clamp with no problems both lower clamps were the same size so no knurling required and i also noticed the bottom bearings were the same as well.Made the top hat spacer that has been described elsewhere on the site to go under the top clamp (8mm thick and turned to take up the difference between the kxf and kdx stem thread diameters which is much neater than using shim)

I run an engineering company so i had a new spindle made which used exactly the same dimensions as the kdx item but increasing the larger diameter to 25mm to suit the kxf fork (you could though weld on a sleeve to the original spindle and the get your local shop to turn it down to 25mm).on the other side i made a threaded top hat bush which fits in the brake side to replicate the kdx fork dimensions which is held in place by the kxf lower clamp bolts.

The width between the kxf forks is exactly the same as the kdx so no need for extra spacers and you can still use the kdx speedo drive when tightened up everything clamps up perfect.

The kdx brake caliper bolts straight on to the kxf forks with no modification and i ran the brake line up to the clamp on the kxf fork cover.

The speedo cable is routed the same as the original kdx but i made a plastic clamp to go round the fork leg to hold the kdx speed cable guide.

The bike has been finished of with renthal fat bar clamps with zeta rubber killers(gets rid of the rubber insert in the top clamps), gold pro taper bars,pro taper pillow top grips,polisport headlight and hand guards,kxf 450 010 front mudguard.

I also fitted a light switch off of a montessa trials bike to tidy up the electrics and now have all light switches and engine kill switch and horn in one place.

Next stage in process is to fit a more modern rear end possibly kx/kxf rear fender as i cannot find the maier rear end in the uk.i will let you know how i get on and post the pics when i have finished.

If any body is interested i can give them details of the parts i have made to help with their conversions.

Thanks from the uk Andy


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Thanks for the comments guys and i guess i am lucky that i have the machinery on hand we also have welding and fabrication facilities on site so no problems making prototype parts.All those years training to be an engineer now seems worth the effort

I am currently looking at modernising the rear end with different plastics as the maier items are not available in the uk and would cost over 100 dollars to get from the states!!! Ill let you know how i get on

Safe riding from the uk

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