I hope this is not against the rules.

My buddy has a 99 KTM 380MXC. He's the third owner and has owned the bike for the past two riding seasons. The bike appeared to have been ridden pretty hard by the previous owners. During the last ride while traversing some technical terrain the bike locked itself in first gear and now remains that way. The bike was not dumped at the time it locked itself in first. The shift lever moves up and down as it should but never engages. Discussions with fellow dirt biking buddies have led him question the shift linkage. We've removed the engine from the bike frame but have not torn into yet. Have any of you encountered this problem or could offer any suggestions. I know it's a smoker, but we need help. Thanks

Several of my KTM brothers have had this issue. Locking in gear. I am not exactly sure of the fix (some spring backs out?) but I do know it is simple and inexpensive.

Try the KTM boards or that holeshot site. Good luck.

Yea, do what SMD said.

You could probably find plenty of ex 2 smokers but hardcore KTM lovers here... >> http://www.ktmtalk.com/

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