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cr259 1991 running problem's

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hi i am new to the site, can any one tell me what is up with my bike it just wont rev at top end it started second kick the other day when i opened the throttle it just bogged out and splattered i have cleaned the carb & blown it out. jetting is 175, 55, R1370N, needle position 2nd, air scew 1.5 float level is fine. running 30-1. getting a good consistent spark. but when i took the plug out it was wet with oil & fuel, cleaned the plug and popped it back in tried to kick her over & she started then cut out with a splutter so took the plug out again & it was dry:banghead: fuel is on & choke & idle screw work fine. got a new plug & gonna pop that in to see if that has caused any of the issues of not running right.

could the hpp cause any of the problems?. bike is not at home & need to travel to see her so before i get over was hoping if any one might have some tips for me.

she is not leaking any oil from the seals and the compression is very good, not long had a re-build.

any help would be great:worthy:

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