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mystery stator core

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hi guys

Im playing with my wiring on an 01 xr250r

From this wiring diagram;


I should have 5 wires coming from the stator, as follows;

red and black - to CDI


Blue - these two go to the AC reg for lights etc


Blue and yellow - these two go to the CDI

Now, i have all of these wires, and one extra; a white and yellow one??

Anyone know what its for??

The only other wire coming from the stator according to the diagram, is this earth (circled in red)


But i assumed this would be an internal earth??

Any input appreciated


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Only three wires from the stator; Black with red tracer provides power to the CDI box, and a pink and a yellow to power the lights. The pink and yellow are AC outputs and go to the AC regulator.

There are however two wires from the ignition pulse generator that go to the CDI box. A blue with yellow tracer and a green.

The stator is internally grounded for the ignition system but Honda show both systems bonded together via the green wires in the wiring harness with a lug bolted to the frame.

Honda uses white and white/yellow as power for lights and the diagram shows a white with yellow tracer coming from the regulator and going into the wiring harness and then becomes the blue wires that power the head and tail lights.

Hope this helps.

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Not unusual for owners to tinker. Some testing with a multimeter will also help track wires. If the two unknown wires have continuity between them but not to others then a PO added windings to stator.

The pink and yellow wires should have continuity between them ( with some resistance because of the stator windings) but not to ground.

The black/red should show continuity to ground (with some resistance because of the stator windings).

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