O/T> Christmas in June? Just found a trampoline in my yard...

I work nights and TRY to sleep during the day. It is a little harder the past couple weeks with the boys out of school for the summer. Tough being young and having to play "quietly" even outside.

I woke up an hour or so ago to discover suspicious silence... Went out back to discover my neighbor down the road had been driving by with a trampoline some lady had given him in exchange for some house repair work, saw the boys outside, and GAVE them the very nice tramp!! He even set it up! What an excellent, QUIET, physical fitness device! :D

Found out the hard way it is too low to the ground for my lard ass, though! :D Looks like this now :D ! Is there anything a guy over 40 can do without walking funny the next day :)?

Is there anything a guy over 40 can do without walking funny the next day :)?

You want to walk funny... go throw a few back and try to ride a mechanical bull 16 times in a row, each time yelling "FASTER" to the operator.

That will make you walk sore the next day. :D

My kids can spend hours on it, only coming in for lunch and when it's dark... I think they are great fun for the kids... Even if you had to buy one, it would be a great investment... and you know kids have endless energy to burn... so they can just bounce all day... just make sure they do so bare foot... sock are too slipperry, and shoes will ruin the mat real fast... kids prefer to be bare-foot anyway...

As for you, don't walk around in public... :)


Since quite a few kids in our neighborhood have been hurt on tramps, last one dislocated his elbow. :D

Several of them have dug a pit and put the top of the tramp level with the ground. This has made them way safer. :)

Plus, after all that digging, you can probably jump on it too.

That does sound like a great idea, but what a hole that would have to be :)!! We went to a Blue Angels Air show last Saturday, and some enterprising side-attraction had a combination bungee-jump/trampoline set up charging $5 a pop for 5 minutes. Talk about air-time!! They had a long line all day! I have lots of tall trees in back to bungee to if I could just find the right bungees... :D

BTW: The Blue Angels were great, of course, but the show opener really kicked butt! Two regular Navy F-18 Hornets came in from behind the crowd (everyone was watching the runway of course) on a very, very low sneak attack and lit their 'burners just as they passed right overhead!!! Left half the crowd sprawled on their faces in sheer terror :D :D

How the #$%% does something that loud "sneak up" on a couple thousand people?!! These pilots and planes had just been over in Iraq. They were every bit as good as the Blue Angels! There was even an A-10 with an air-to-air kill to its credit!!! Pretty impressive accomplishment for a slow moving tank killer :D!

I also really liked the old warbirds. Especially the beautiful WWII Corsair with the sweetest sounding 12(?) cylinder Rolls Royce engine... Man, that prop plane was fast! What a classic! :D

It was a tough choice last weekend: go MX racing on ski slopes AND watch Tommy Clowers and Jeff Tilton perform freestyle OR go to the airshow... :D Bikes are a blast... until you compare them to AFTERBURNERS!!! :D


(There I go again, getting off-topic on an off-topic... :D )

They did not happen to have a Herky Bird on display did they?

I flew in a C-130 for approximatly 1,100 hours of flight time, although most of that was sacked out in the cargo compartment, snoozing in a hammock.

But, when the plane landed, I was always rested up and ready to hit the hot spots. Oh, the days of the military....

Those air shows sure are alot of fun. One of the absolute best TDY trips that I ever had as to an air show up at Harrison, Arkansas. We got up there on Friday morning, and our plane was set up in a static display (just plain opened up so people could walk through and take a look-see) and we were flat treated like "Top Gunners". All the citizens were super nice, Box-Car Willy came on board and I talked him out of a "woo-woo!" and each night, they had a BBQ and dance on the taramack. All the ladies wanted to dance with the fly-boys in the flight suits.

So, on the trip home, the flight-crew all decided that nobody would hear anything but bad words about that trip, ensuring that nobody would want to volunteer in the future, and we get to go again!

I miss all those fun trips!

Oh Yeah, Brandon :) ! When the Blue Angel's "Fat Albert" support jet did his thing: a six-solid-fuel-rocket assisted take-off, the crowd went nuts!

It was touching to watch the all pilot's and air crews' faces as they were mobbed for autographs after the show. They looked stunned to discover what heroes they are to so many of us... "You want MY autograph?! Really? I've never done that before..." My boys' t-shirts were covered with ink front and back!

That is the one area the promoters and the Navy underestimated: the people's desire for some face-time and handshakes with these guys and gals. The Blue Angels had staged out of a different nearby airport, so they weren't present for this. All the "regular" service folks got all the attention. 'Bout time!!

Just a note from history. Back in the 60's, yeah I know what that makes me, they were all the rage. Speciality businesses opened were you paid and jumpered all you wanted.

Then the attorneys got involved and they all closed when anyone who got injured filed suite.

I'd be very careful about who you let use it, or your retirement could pay for someone else to live on. :)

As a heads up:

Home Owners Insurers HATE trampolenes, so much in fact they WILL drop you if they find out you have one. I COULD NOT get an insurance company to insure me because of our trampolene. Lucky for me the wicked, heavy snows this winter utterly trashed the frame.

Can you say pre-planned evolution?? :)

I was VERY aware of some kid getting hurt on it. :D

Friendship ends when money & greed falls into the picture. I would put it past absolutely NO ONE to sue me if their kid got hurt on it. :D

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