09 450 radiator

bent my left radiator pretty good yesterday, its twisted like a strand of DNA. i want to get another OEM one but im only finding aftermarket on ebay. any problems with aftermarket? any good or bad brands to lookout for?

I put one of those Chinese rads on my CRF right before I sold it, it actually looked pretty impressive - bigger capacity & nice looking welds. I think I paid $85 shipping incl. ? For the price, I think they're hard to beat.

fluidyne radiators are awsome, more durable, more capacity, and look better You will find them on a lot of factory bikes.

Check with your local radiator shops about having it repaired first. There is a guy up here that has repaired several of my radiators and usually charges me $40 or less.

I actually bent both my radiators and had them reflowed. Unfortunately they started leaking again after a while. I then bought a pair of radiators from ETD Motors on Ebay for $99 for both. I believe they were CX Racing Radiators (may not be the exact name). They were oversized and a little snug to the tank but worked great. They were half the price of all the other radiators that I was looking at and, from appearance and weight, a lot more sturdy than the stock ones. I never managed to bend those ones and they never leaked.

I also got those cheap chineese rads for my '04. They don't fit quite the same since they are larger but appear to be nice quality. Never finished the bike so can't say how they perform but heat transfer is not rocket science so .....

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