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1986 Yamaha XT600 thoughts?

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Hey all! New here but have been riding for years. Both street and dirt. Sold all my bikes a few years back due to financial issues but am back on my feet now. I am however, new to the dual sport world and wanted to get a second opinion on a bike.

As the the title says it's a 86 Yamaha XT600 with 16k on the od. The guy says it starts like a dream and has a lot of new parts. He's asking $1650obo. The bike will be mainly used for commute during the week and riding on the weekend. I drive about 200 miles a week getting to school and work.

My budget is around $1500 but can go up to $2000 if the right bike comes along...


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I have a '83 TT600, GREAT bike.

Only downside.... weight. I just went riding at some local trails and the bike is definately some work to move around on the trails but it wasn't built for trail riding either. They weight just over 300 pounds.

Tons of power, I still haven't ever wanted to (scared!) full throttle the bike jamming through the gears. I think it would lift off the ground and fly to space.

Mine starts first kick, seemes to be normal with the xt/tt 600's.

That 86 has a disc front, pretty snazzy.

These bikes get about 60-70mpg's so that's a big plus. Tank holds something like 2.78 gallons. So you can go something like 175 miles on one tank.

Price seems about where it should be. I bought my TT for $700 but that was from a buddy. They go for about $1200 on my local craigslist

I'd ask what new parts it has.

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