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Are there and "threads showing how to put xr400 forks on an xr250?

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I ordered at set of 1996 xr400 forks with the triple clamp along with the xr400 wheel bearing so i can use my xr250 wheel for my 2004 xr250.

Is it as simple as taking off the old front end and putting on a new one?

Is there anything else i should know about this?

Thnaks guys

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I don't know about the 250, but on the 600's it is literately a bolt on swap. It wouldn't surprise me that it would be the same kind of thing.

A quick look at online microfiche shows that both bikes use the same steering stem bearings. If the picture can be trusted it also looks like the steering stops are different, so some fabrication or swapping may be needed there. If I remember correctly I ended up using an xr600 stem on my XL600 when I put on 400 forks so I could use the same stops. the fork tube size was the same.

The brake caliper even bolted right up. I had to space the wheel a little to one side to make it work, but not a problem to do. a couple of washers is all it needed to get the disk centered.

I also changed the bearings in my stock XL wheel to fit the 400 axle and now have easily switched tire options. I have them both mounted up with axles intact, real easy swap.

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