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First Time At A Track... Broken Foot.

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Well, I travelled 8 hours south to go to my first Motocross Track. Up until now, I've ridden mostly trails and pits in my area. I finally decided that I would try going to a track, and since there are none near me, I travelled 8 hours south, to go to motocross camp at Motopark, near Chatsworth, Ontario. When I got there, I was really excited, and told the councillors that this was my first time at a track. Right away, they thought it would be better for me to try the small track, so they could decide if I was ready for the big track. After seeing that this wasn't my first time on a bike, they immediately let me on the track, and by the end of the day, I had all the jumps down, including the biggest jump (80-100ft). 🙂

Now, the bad news.

My second day at the track, I was riding at around 10:00am, and was approaching the big step-up (60-90ft). At the top of the jump, I failed to notice a rock sticking out of the ground. Well, it was too late to slow down, as I was already flying at the jump, and so I ended up a lil' sideways off the top. At first, I thought I was going to be able to save it, but as it turns out, the back wheel just didn't quite make the landing, and I ended up bouncing over the bars. After being helped up and brought off the track, I relaxed until my mom dropped by, then started throwing up and complaining about a pain in my foot. After a trip to the hospital, I found that I had a concussion, three broken bones in my foot, and a fractured bone in my hand. Soooo... looks like no more riding for the summer.

On the positive side, I was having a blast riding at the track until I broke my foot. :banana:

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