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header/muffler mitch match comparison

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i have a white brothers E2 muffler with the stock header right now. i like the WB muffler and everything and is real quite even without a sparky (execpt for the fact that you cant get parts for it anymore) but i think i want something different. i really like the Mrd mufflers (old style not new) but will it perform like my muffler i have now? if i decied to buy a mrd should i also go with the header? i know you have to call to have the full system made but are there headers all one length or can they make a header for my liking for the same price? not really sure if i even want a mrd header because i have been drooling over the new FMF megabomb that came out a while ago but will the mrd header compete with the megabomb? also not sure if these headers will work with other aftermarket mufflers such as my WB e2 or a old style mrd muffler if i can get one?

can anyone tell me where the cheapest place to buy a Fmf S/S megabomb? i see there are right around 275 but i think i found a cheaper place if im seeing it right for 215. i know it says crf 150 beside it but i have selected the 2005 450x and put it in the cart and thats the price.


also what should a Old style mrd muffler cost me new or used? id buy one used if i could find one that wasnt all beat up and dented. heck id even trade my white brothers E2 slipon that has been freshly repacked and comes with 2 or 3 sparkys and a couple end caps. any takers?

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