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Big Bore and Comp Ratio Question

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I've done some searching but couldn't find a answer to my specific question. I'm looking into BB kits for my driz. I've looked at the CW 434 kit, and the APE kit. Another kit is on ebay now:


Two questions:

1. What is the difference between the CW and this JE kit?

2. Also - I'm concerned about comp ratio, since I've read that the CW kit is 11 to 1, and this JE kit is advertised as 12 to 1. I run the E base gasket, and plan to on the rebuild. So does this mean that the CW will be at 12.3 to 1, and the JE at 13 to 1? I don't want to go back to 11 to 1, but it seems like 13 to 1 might be a little high if I have to occasionally fill with 87 in a remote area.

Any thoughts?

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I guess that's my question - when CW lists a compression, I assume they mean the stock 11 to 1, so when I use a single layer base gasket, it will be 12.3 to 1. The JE kit specifies 12 to 1 with their piston, so if i also use the single layer, will it bump it up another point? Is the JE piston domed to increase compression?

I'm also interested to hear if the JE kit I listed is any different than the CW kit. It's cheaper but has the JE piston. Different brand of cylinder?

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