speedo gone crazy

very strange... i can be putting along at like 30mph and it says I am doing 70

anyone else have this problem before?

did it switch to khm's... i have done that by mistake before...

thought i was bad fast... there is a calibration deal in the manual otherwise...

there was a thread not too long ago on here.. the calibration is not in the online manual, just in the print iirc...

this is the thread.. it is an 06 with a digital, so....


possibly a bad ground?

Mine is doing the same thing and I'm pretty sure it's a ground problem. I just can't seem to find the fautly ground. My speedo says I doing 180mph when I'm stopped. LOL.

When I had the battery out of mine, the numbers would jump all over the place. Once I installed a fresh battery though, the problems went away.

I had a bad connection giving me a dead battery before that caused the same problem.

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