`00 426 clutch fix/upgrade?

OK, I know I read about this somewhere on here that you can replace a few parts in the stock clutch and it's supposed to make it not so grabby once it gets hot. I use the bike as a woods bike and when it gets tight, and then the temps rise, the clutch pretty much gets unusable as it's just tooo grabby.

I tried searching but came up empty handed.

So what's the parts list needed to do the mod, anyone?:)

ah jeeez. As soon as I posted this, on the bottom of the page under "similar threads" up pops three threads asking the same thing. Even one describing exactely how to do it.

Please disregard.

I just used the three inner plates, but either way you'll be amazed at the difference......assuming the rest of your clutch is in good condition

Always look at the Common Threads sticky first. Not everything is there, but lots is.

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