Gorman, Hungry Valley

I will be making a trip to Gorman the weekend of June 20,21,22. I am traveling from AZ with 4 other riders. I am not familiar with the laws of CA as pertains to out-of -state riders. Have a few questions:

1. Will I need a temp land use permit (green/red sticker)(where do I get)?

2. Here is a list of bikes that we will be riding(none are registered street legal):(XR650,YZ426,CR125,KTM450exc,KTM520exc,KTM300exc), are there any restrictions for certain models at Gorman?

3. I am sure noise will not be a factor except for the YZ426,and possibly the CR125, what steps should we take to get around this issue?

4. Any suggestions on staging areas that are closest to single track loops of 40-50miles.

5. This is my first experience in the area, any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)

Long drive just to go to Gorman!! Gorman or Hungry Valley isn't that big. The park itself can be riden in a half a day or less depending on skill level. You can hed into the adjacent mountains which can be staged from the park itself. The trail system is pretty good. If you are looking for mountain type of trail riding, we are heading to Kennedy Meadows that weekend which has alot better riding than Hungry Valley, plus alot cooler. You are more than welcome to go. As of Calif. laws, I could only guess as long as you have a sparkarrester and a current registration you should be fine. The new sound law is in effect but I'm not aware of it being enforced yet.


I'm visiting relatives and staying in Moorpark. Thought I would bring the bike and a few buds along :D. I don't know the area, and was told that was the place to go :). I have to spend some time riding with my nephews(TTR125,XR50). I would love to break away and check out some other areas. I can ride Friday, Sat, or Sun(have to ride one day with the kids). Please PM me with your plans, and hopefully I can check it out.

Thnx :D

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