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1978 Suzuki DR 370 - Ignition Issue

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Hi All! First time poster, long time lurker. Hoping someone can give me some ideas on what the problem might be..

I picked up a DR 370 for a great price, if I can get it running.

Here's the issue:

When the coil and the points are disconnected, I have power from the magneto.

When I hook up either one, I get no power from the magneto.

Bike is used, but the coil and points look relatively new. Any ideas? We've checked all wires, there don't appear to be any frays or breaks. Finding it impossible to get any juice to the plug.


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Get a inductive automotive timing light and connect as required (spark plug, 12v source). Kick you bike over. If you get a flashing light you've got spark. Now you might have spark but not enough to start the bike. Have you checked the point gap? Just because the points look "new" doesn't mean they are.

A few years ago I semi-restored a 76 Suzuki TC100, no sparky at all. Points look good but no sparky. Replaced them, set the gap and brppp brppp. We have ignition. Replace the condenser also while you are in their.

When you mean power what are you talking about? It's extremely hard to check the voltage out of the mag unless you have the right equipment.

More info please.


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Hey guy's i'm currently working on making a go-cart out of a 1978 suzuki SP 370. the motor was running fine when my buddy took it off the bike but the frame of the bike was scrap. he didn't remember to label what wires went where...i'm usually pretty good with it but i'm being cautious with what i do and not taking any risks incase i wire it wrong....we are just wiring it straight with a kill switch. no lights no key ignition. i can't find any wiring diagrams though online or at any local sport shops in the area...i'm just wondering if it's possible that the SP is simular to the DR? if so could i get that PDF file from you cloggy or any assistance on what to wire...i have the one wire from the magneto then if i remember right 3 from the bottom and the one going to the spark...i have 3 relays as well...a round silver one. a flat black one and then one that looks like it was attached somewhere to the casing or fram that could just be a ground but not sure...i was unfortunantly not there when they dismantled it so i have no idea where half the stuff cam off....

any help would be great and ASAP because we have the chassis and everything complete with a racing seat just need to finish the roll cage and get a stiffer spring for the back so it doesn't sag and we're set...poor 90cc atv chassis didn't know what it was in for when it got stretched and widened and fitted with a 5 speed suzuki motor ­čśĆ

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Hi Guys, is there any points other than OEM I can use? I don't wanna pay $150 for a set. I heard there are a set of car points I can get at an auto parts store for a fraction of the cost. Anyone know what kind of auto points will work? Thanks, Jack

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