High altitude jetting question

I'm wanting to go race in Flagstaff AZ at the Cinders elavation 7,000ft. I have a 06 YZ450f jetted for 3000 ft. Main is 165 pilot is 45 and leak is52? not sure on that one bike runs perfect at my elavation. What is a good set up if anyone has run this race or knows the where to begin?


I had an 08 and rode in elevations that ranged from 4500 to 13000. I had an aftermarket exhaust but these should get you in the right range. I don't have leak jet specs as I used an adjustable leak jet setup but it was usually in the 45-50 range. I haven't done this race but terrain will also dictate what type of jetting. If it is super tight I would suggest a leaner setup but if the race is open and fast run a richer setup. Just my 2 cents, hope it helps.

5k or less

48 pilot

160 main

needle on 3rd clip

5k up to 7500

48 pilot

158 main

needle 2nd clip

7500 and up

45 pilot

158 main

needle 2nd clip

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