Greasing the Steering Head 09 WR450f

Maybe I'm lame but I find no info in TT on greasing the head tube bearings other than saying it needs to be done even on new bikes, and watch out for needles all over the shop floor.

Did I miss a tutorial or post on this? The manual is a bit sketchy at best.

I'm getting ready to install a Scott's on my new 09WR450F, so I thought I might dive deeper & grease the front end at the same time.

Anyone out there that can give me a few clues on this procedure....?

Sorry if I missed the thread.



Pull everything apart, apply grease, put back together. Not much there.

I've also heard there's a complete write-up on here somewhere... can't find it

if someone would be so kind to post a link I think it would help some folks out :)

Thanks for the replies.

it's the "pull everything apart" part that I'm trying to get some detail and procedure on.

The manual is marginally unhelpful as usual.

The manual does show a special tool for the steering nut --steering nut wrench--

how do you deal with this nut?

What about the needles?

I assume you pull the fork tubes out of the TC....?


Surely one of you guys can give us a quickie 10 step tutorial.......

The needles are captive and will not fall out. This is a 'nothing to it' job.


Yes, pull the forks out of the triple clamps to make the job much easier.

You won't need the steering stem spanner if you have a decent set of standard workshop tools.

Just use a hammer and punch (or "drift") on the nut, you are only really tapping it to make it move so you aren't going to be whacking the crap out of it and damaging it with the punch.

Buy a "C spanner" from your local engineering supplier if you are worried.

Honestly, just pull it apart, grease it, put it back together the same way it came apart. There really is nothing to it.

The hardest part is probably getting the right torque on the steering stem nut.

All I ever do is tighten it to what I think it should be then turn the sterring from lock to lock. If I feel any binding there I back it off a little.

If I feel play when i try to push and pull on it (forward/backward) then I tighten it up a bit more.

I always keep it slightly loose rather than tight because.....

....when you put the top triple clamp retaining nut on it will put a little additional pressure on the steering stem nut. You need to compensate for that with the slight looseness of the steering stem nut to begin with.

You'll be fine. Go for it.


Dats what I'm tawkin 'bout!

Many Thanks Greg!

Now I'm armed and readi to go!

and I appreciate the encouragement!!


Yeah, I did mine last year and it was a piece of cake. I also took the tube out of the triple clamp and it makes the process much easier.

With a new bike the lower bearing should be fine. Just clean it up and pack that sucker with some quality waterproof grease and then you won't have to worry about it.

When you take the fork tubes out of the TC, I assume they come out individually NOT as unit with wheel on....



Yeah, do 'em individually, definately.

Its mission impossible trying to line both up, with the wheel attached when you're putting it all back together!


with my new 08 wr450 the bottom bearing needed replaced after 3 months. I never greased the bearings when new and water must have gotten in there and sat causing the bottom bearing to rust. Lesson learned...just get out your manuel and regrease EVERY bearing on the bike.

I clearly get the need to check all grease areas even if bike is new! Not sure what Yam thinking is here with poor factory lubing..... Of course water contamination is mostly a user issue. But grease keeps a lot of the water away, right!

The manual thus far seems real sketch. Better than most bike manuals to be sure but I get much better help here on TT.

Thanks again for all replies! Most helpful!!


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