06 forks installed on an 04 yz450

In case anyone is interested it is very simple swap and I hear the 06 SSS forks are a big improvement (I'm hoping to test ride tomorrow)

I had to machine app 1.5 mm off of the left axle spacer to center the wheel and the rotor in the caliper. The 04 axle nut has a shoulder that fits into a recess in the fork leg. The 06 fork does not have this recess so you can either use an 06 axle nut or use a washer over the shoulder of the 04 nut (I did the latter) The pinch clamp for the brake hose moves up to the top of the fork guard with a little elongation of the holes to line up with the fork guard bracket. An automotive style insulated hose clamp secures the brake line to the lower fork clamp (near the axle nut) a dab of blue locktite on the axle nut and you're good to go!

FYI to 04 fork guards don't fit the 06 forks, you must use the later style.

It would have been simpler to have used the '06 triple clamps. That would have eliminated the need for the machine work on the spacer, etc.

I have a lathe and all of the tools (I own a shop) I took me about 15 minutes to do the whole job. Cheaper and easier than replacing the clamps...plus didn't have to deal with the stabilizer,etc....but I see your point

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