should my 06 YZ450 be burning oil?

I take great care of it and ride it hard. I never really check the oil, and change it every other ride. I rode it last week, changed it for my next endeaver and poored the used oil into a billywho for a random check. It looks like I burned 2.5 ml. Shood I be alarmed?

Any comments would be welcome.

I doubt that you can state with any accuracy that the same amount of residual oil was left in the engine within such a small margin both times, and with that, I'm very suspicious that you can state with any certainty that small amount of oil is actually missing.

Beyond that, 2.5 cc is not a significant amount of oil, and could easily have been lost to evaporation. When you start coming up 50-80cc short, you might start to be concerned about it.

Thank you for your comments and the quote. By the way, can you also thank your son for me.

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