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2004 ttr-125 jd jet kit recommendations

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2004 TTR-125LE with engines only exhaust, bbr air filter and bracket, all air box moods:

I installed a JD jet kit per the instructions for sea level to 3000 ft = blue needle 3rd, 130 main, stock 15 pilot, installed new o-ring that comes with the kit for the air fuel mixture screw, 1 1-2 turns out.

Bilke runs horrible now, guttless, sputters, seems to be way too rich throught whole power band, tried 125, 120 mains, and switched to red needle 3rd and not much difference.

Installed stock needle 3rd clip, 107 main, and 17.2 pilot, 2 turns out and bike runs perfectly fine as it did before. Im only a few hundred - 1000 ft above sea level, approx 75 -85 degrees out. Any suggestions for JD jet kit for the ttr-125le. Thanks

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