quick question: kx450 fork seals on yz450

I've read that 09 kx450 fork seals are the best option for replacing shot seals on my 06 yz450, but are we talking both dust and oil seals? I am assuming yes, but wanted to be sure both will fit.

How different are these KYB forks anyway? Do they share other internals?


The forks are fundamentally identical. Other than springs, damping specifics, and the axle lugs, they're the same.

Both the seals should fit. The latest seals from KYB should be the same as the KX seal wherever you buy them, and they work quite well.

Just to add to that, you only need to replace the oil seals with the new style (09 KX450) KYB seals. Only replace your dust seals if they need replacing.


Check all the bushings on the 06. My fork seals leaked constantly till I did a complete rebuild of the forks. I used a pivot works kit. All the parts were there, worked great.

ive always replaced my seals on my 08 wr 450 amd now my 2010 with honda seals there way better ive run the 08 since like 4 months old with them and havent had to change them yet

i noticed that the honda seals have 2 lips on them inside and out side i guess you could call them. were as the yamaha seals just have 1 lip

its worked awsome for me might be worth a shot

The Honda seals are not the best pick for the issue because they are 47mm seals. This causes an excess of seal drag, and accelerates the wear on the tube plating.

The newer KYB seal is far better than those past. SKF has a seal out now that is claimed to be "leak proof". I tend to doubt that, but they have been thoroughly tested.


My fork seals just started leaking... well the right one at least. Ironically it was because I tried the old "business card under the seal" trick to get the dirt out because I had a very, very minor drip that has since gotten much worse. I'll be watching this thread to see what shakes out.

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