06 YZ450 Excel front wheel ?

Recently had to rebuild my fork seals and when I put everything back together, I noticed when I put the front axle bolt through the front hub,(I have Excel pro series hubs with the excel pro series carriers) there is a space on the right side between the hub and the bottom of the fork. Am I missing a spacer. There is already a spacer on both sides of the hub. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:)

Are you saying that there is nothing keeping the wheel from sliding from side to side on the axle? The axle should have a shoulder on it to take up this space. In 08 Yamaha made the right side spacer shorter and made the shoulder on the axle longer to account for the difference, is it possible you have a spacer for an 08-up and are using an 06 axle?

thanks for the reply, after reeding your post i looked at the axle and removed the brake caliper. the wheel does not move side to side. it stays in one place. it just looked like something was missing. thanks again for the help

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