5th gear wheelies

i can do them sometimes on asphalt but has any one really done them on hardpacked dirt or where there traction is good but not as great as asphalt.. if you can how do you do them?? tahnks :):D :D :D

You just need to use lots of body english to get the wheel up there. just pull back hard on the handle bars, or you can just gear it down and then it shouldnt be a problem. Sitting on the rear fender mine will power wheelie for me in 4th. :)

With 15/50 gearing on the pegs i can stand her up at 60mph and sitting down i have to slide back a little, the only time it won't do this is on a greasy track, a small bounce always helps to get her to the balancing point but not necessary :)

Just give it one hard wack on the juice and keep practicing.

Stock sprockets here......5th gear and just nail it WFO with a slight tug on the bars. Up, Up, And AWAY!! :)

300 hp fogger nitrous kit, just put your lardiest mate on the back (preferably 300lb) and hit the button. Wheely anywhere you want any time you want. Just remember to refill the bottle..............

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