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93 KX250 parts needed.

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Hey guys, just picked up a 93 KX250 for $800. Not the prettiest bike but it runs good. It needs a few things as well. Some problems with it are the footpegs are really loose and wobbly, the kickstart is really loose and wobbly, and the front sprocket seems to jiggle a lot when the bike is started as well. There is some oil coming out of the exhaust. that means its running too lean? i dont know. it needs a new oil plug because the one on there now the handle on the top is gone (need wire needle things to get it off). Few things I want to do before riding it. Should I take it into a shop and let them do it? Or does someone know a website that I can order parts from that have stuff for a 93 KX250?

Please help me out, I wanna ride!

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The footpegs are probobly the most labor intensive to fix. I went through this with my 94. Most likely the mounts on the frame are worn along with the pegs. You can just replace the pegs AND hardware which will tighten them up a little, but you really need to repair the frame tabs. A welder can add metal to these areas and reshape them back to stock (as I did) The lower tab gets worn and the flat surface between the two tabs gets an indentation allowing the peg to sag instead of being level.

You need to replace the kick lever and grease the pivot on a regular basis.

Hopefully the front sprocket is just worn and not the output shaft. Try replacing the front sprocket.

Here's a repaired peg mount on my 94, just to give you an idea:


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