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Clymer or Haynes?

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I have always heard that the Clymer manual is the best but when I was looking on Amazon for a manual for my bike I found a Haynes manual. Which is better? The clymer has about 6 different bikes listed while the Haynes has only 3.


Honda XR250L, XR250R & XR400R 1986 thru 2003


XL/XR250. 1978-2000, XL/XR350R. 1983-1985 XR200R. 1984-1985, XR250L . 1991-1996 (Clymer Motorcycle Repair)

So which is a better manual to buy for repair/take down and general maintenance to some hardcore split the case repair?

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-1 on the clymers, im not happy with mine. it should have WAY more info plus im positive I found a mistake in mine (the decompressor clearance... it says it should be .32mm but .32mm doesnt work, it doesnt even decompress the engine or open the exhaust valves, so I set the decompressor to .28mm and the bike works like a dream)

+3 on the OEM.

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