Which brand of cam chain to get?

gunna replace mine as preventive maintence on my newly acquired '06 450, just wondering which brands people have had the best luck with?

the reason I'm replacing it is becuase it seems like the OEM ones have a tendency to skip time after a while......

so I was hoping for something better than OEM

I've replaced mine at 1-2 years age always, but never had a problem with any of the OEM chains. :)

ok thanks

ended up going with the wiseco, figure for the extra $20 bucks why not have some piece of mind and less frequent replacement intervals

Do you know who makes the Wiseco chain? Or the Yamaha chain? Are they different?


Gray makes a good point. Why spend the $20 if you don't really know what the difference is or if it even matters? I couldn't find anything from Wiseco that stated a longer maintenance interval or even why one should use their CC015 timing chain vs. stock. :)

ProX has a chain made by Borg-Warner Japan, which should be a good one, but it's $60.

Yamaha had "some" problems with chains over a two year period, but I believe they changed their vendor since then. The only thing I have ever actually seen that related to the chains was binding links, which, as I said, I have never experienced. Comparing mine to the '06's I know of who have had problems like that, the difference has been oil and maintenance.

Yea I just basically went off good reviews from some local guys, not sure who manufacturers them. I'm not worried about the $20, but if I have even a 1% better chance of it not failing then it's worth it

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