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Headlight Switch

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Yes, go to the auto parts store get a toggle 2 blade on/off switch, now take your seat off and remove the head light, now cut the blue wire at the tail light and splice a new wire to the blue wire, run the new wire to the head light, now cut the red wire at the head light plug, mount the switch to one of your handle bar bolts, connect the red wire from the harness " witch is power" to the head light to the switch, connect the new wire from the tail light to the red wire to the head light plug then to the other blade on the switch, now you have control of your lights, also when your lights are off all voltage goes to your battery to keep it charged better, i have done 3 klx 450r this way have had no problems.....

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I would not bother with the wire from the tail light???

Just use the wire that powers the headlight now and put the switch in there

if you want get a 3 contact switch with 3 positions

wire the power in to center contact and one of the side contact to high beam

and the other to the low beam wire

this will give you a switch with low/off/high - nice -- now need more power as 35w sucks

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