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Kick start install prob

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Any ideas anyone.

I have read just about every thread there is on here about the drz kick star install as well as the very excellent instructions by Mr Cob.

Today I installed the kicker kit into my SM. No problems all went fine, punch mark lined up with machined line, spring seat at 4 o'clock, all good.tested it by hand before putting everything back together seemed to work fine with no nasty noises.

However that was until until I put the clutch primary drive back on. With that on the kick start lever can be pushed down but it doesn't seem to engage the kick starter and turn the kick start drive cog!- take the clutch off and seems to work fine again.

It is almost as if the extra resistance of the clutch is to much for the ratchet teeth or the seat spring.

Is there anything I could have done wrong? Or did I just get a knaff kit.

Of all the problems with this mod that have been posted here no one else seems to have had this one.

I'm at a loss, pleas give me your ideas as all I can think of is to send the kit back as faulty, but wanted to make sure I'm not just stupid first.

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sounds to me like you don't have all the gears lined up with the primary . it takes some fiddling and moving the primary around to get all the gears alined

remember to get the plastic gear ingaged that is your oil pump

Agreed: sounds like you isolated the problem. You may have to "jiggle" the clutch to have all align and "drop in".

I never have heard of a faulty kit before.

Smart to "hand crank" the starter. I did also, but still held my breath the first time i fired it up, wondering of I did something wrong!

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Thanks for your replies guys, I checked the alignments but it made no difference. The machining on one of the cogs on the kick start drive looked poor so I sent the kit back. Replacement kit works perfectly! It seems that the one duff cog was losing purchase under resistance from the primary drive. So anyone put there about to fit/ check the quality of the parts- these kits ain't cheap!

Thanks again for taking the time to help me think it through guys ;0)

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