Chicks with boobs and chest protectors.... Yes its clean :-D

Ok, my wife, DRZCatastrophe is um well, uh, well endowed... :D

However, her chest protector fits like CRAP! She's roughly my size, could probably wear my chest protector (it's a young adult) except for her chest. So she got a Adult, as recommended by the shop guys, who also mentioned how stupid the Womens chest protectors were. Said they looked like a gladiator type chest protector, you know the kind that is moulded to look like a 6 pac and pecks- except these had 2 small "bumps" in consideration of breasts. The problem is that the "bumps" are only appropriate for chicks going thru puberty! :D

Has anyone else found a solution? She wants breast reductions, but I won't let her :D Actually I would except for the fact elective sugury is still surgury :D .

Can we band together and make them come up with a real Womens chest protector? I mean, I want them things comfy not raw, and definatly protected! :D :D :D:):D

the fox rockstar2 is good for your um... situation... what have you :D :D... i mean it doesnt offer full protection but its pretty flexible and good against little pebbles... but when iw as riding with my friend and he was wearing that and i kicked up a rock about the size of a golf ball maybe a little bigger and it pegged him on the right side of the chest so i he kindof wished he had the plastic ones :):D :D :D :D :D

Try the womens forum at for some more 'applicable' advice. I've asked about more sensitive issues than this regarding my wife's riding issues and gotten good sound advice.


I assume she wears some sort of sports bra that keeps everything "tight". I know Acerbis makes women specific roost deflectors. I have the Acerbis Zoom 2 plus and it's the best fitting (and most protection) deflector I've ever owned :)

Nice complication to have heh? (.)(.)

Ditto on Acerbis....they brag on catering to the female shape. :)

Two words....Heat gun.

my wife, DRZCatastrophe is um well, uh, well endowed... She wants breast reductions, but I won't let her

I understand you perfectly

My wife is also "endowed". We tried several chest roost deflectors but she never felt comfortable. I just want to mention that she feels pretty safe and comfortable with the sixsixone body armor. It is not exactly like a roost deflector though... but it is well built, perfectly adjustable and protects fine... at least for dual sporting.

By the way, I would not let my wife do the surgery thing either :)

Take care

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